13 Ridiculously Funny Tweets About Cats

As our world gets more and more connected, we seem to enjoy sharing pictures or sharing our thoughts through social media. Not only it is fun, but it also gives you a lot of attention when you go viral. As a cat lover/owner, I also want my cat to be famous even just for a short time. Twitter, for example, is an excellent platform for tweeting our fur babies pictures. Some cat owners are just way too creative that their tweets boost to the top.

Let's have a look at these Ridiculously funny cat owner tweets about cats. I'm guessing you will have a good laugh.     

1. Look at that face tho

2. Yep, who needs boyfriend anyway. 

3. Wait, who is the real boss?

4. I can relate to this one.

5. That's not a lizard, That is Bob the spidercat.

6. Someday this will be yours.

7.  Yeah, Cats are assholes, but we still love them.

8. Cute dress by the way.

9. A good reason to be unproductive. 

10. Who knows? He might learn how to talk watching youtube tutorials.

11. Relationship status: Purrfect.

12. Right choice taking a rare picture lol. 

13. That's an excellent way to celebrate your cats birthday.

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